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dr. M.A.L. (Maurice) Koster

  • Faculty of Economics and Business
    Section Quantitative Economics
  • Visiting address
    REC E
    Roetersstraat 11  Room number: 3.59
  • Postal address:
    Postbus  15867
    1001 NJ  Amsterdam
    T: 0205254226
    T: 0205254252


  • Associate Professor Mathematical Economics
  • Director Foundation Year AEO
  • Member of the Central Workers Council UvA (committees: HRM, O&O)


MSc in Mathematics, Radboud University Nijmegen 
PhD in Economics, Tilburg University 

Current Research Interests

Game Theory, Cost Sharing, Social Choice Theory, Social Networks, Voting Power, Matching Markets


1999   -  2000            Lecturer Tilburg University 

2000   -  2009           Assistant Professor University of Amsterdam

2009   -   present      Associate Professor University of Amsterdam

2010   -   present      Director Foundation Year Actuarial Sciences/Econometrics & Operations Research


Teaching activities

  • 2013 -             Coordinator Mathematics 1: Calculus (ENG/NL), Mathematics 2: Linear Algebra (ENG/NL).
  • 2000 - 2012    BSc courses Inleiding Speltheorie, Analyse, Wiskunde III AEO, Wiskunde IV AEO
  • 2010 - 2012    MSc course Game Theory
  • 2009 - 2010    Coordinator reform of the curriculum Mathematics & Statistics for AEO
  • 2007 - 2010    Coordinator Mathematics for AEO
  • 2002 - 2009    Proefcollege Wiskundige Economie



  • 2016     Blended Learning in BSc EOR & Actuarial Science
  • 2013     Grassroots Project  Digitale feedback bij academisch wiskundeonderwijs
  • 2013     Grassroots Project  Kennisclips FEB
  • 2008     Lowlands festival - sponsoring Sigma Wiskunde
  • 2006     Surf project Webwijs



  • 2017     Recognition Top Teacher by FSR-FEB,CSR,ASVA
  • 2010     FEB Award for Excellent Teaching
  • 2009     Longlisted UvA Lecturer of the Year
  • 2003     van der Schroeff Prize for best lecturer FEB/UvA
  • 2002     Nominated van der Schroeff-Prize for best lecturer FEB/UvA




Voorzitter Stichting tot Ondersteuning van Onderwijs en de Bevordering van Weerbaarheid



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  • Koster, M. A. L. (1999). Cost allocation and cooperative games: An intoduction. Tilburg: Tilburg University.

Media appearance

  • Koster, Maurice (01-01-2012): Interview tijdschrift "Kijk", 15 oktober 2012 [Print]. Interview tijdschrift "Kijk", 15 oktober 2012.


  • Huang, J. P., & Koster, M. A. L. (2016). Topics on Social Networks TI


  • Koster, M. A. L. (1999). Cost sharing in production situations and network exploitation Tilburg: Tilburg University


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  • Huang, P., Koster, M., & Lindner, I. (2013). Diffusion of Behavior in Network Games Orchestrated by Social Learning. (Tinbergen Institute Discussion Papers; No. TI 13-208/II). Amsterdam/Rotterdam: Tinbergen Institute. [details] 


  • Koster, M. (2009). Contracts, cost sharing and consistency. (CeNDEF Working Paper; No. 09-04). Amsterdam: Universiteit van Amsterdam. [details] 
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  • No ancillary activities

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