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dr. I.L. (Isabelle) Salle

  • Faculty of Economics and Business
    Section Quantitative Economics
  • Visiting address
    REC E
    Roetersstraat 11  Room number: E3.54
  • Postal address:
    Postbus  15867
    1001 NJ  Amsterdam

NEWS: lattest working paper "Is the market really a good teacher?", co-authored with P. Seppecher and D. Land as a MUST-READ on the blog of Brad DeLong

Research Interests

Macroeconomics, Behavioural and Experimental Economics, Computational Economics, Learning and Expectations.

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Publications in peer-reviewed journals (associated codes, if applicable, below)

  1. Deleveraging crises and deep recessions – a behavioral approach, with P. Seppecher, forthcoming in  Applied Economics (accepted version here, more on the model in the Software tab).

  2. Social learning about consumption, with P. Seppecher, 2015, forthcoming in Macroeconomic Dynamics, working paper  here.

  3. Modeling expectations in agent-based models — An application to central bank's communication and monetary policy, Economic Modelling 46 (2015) 130–141

  4. Efficient Sampling and Metamodeling in Computational Economic Models, with M. Yildizoglu,  Computational Economics, 2014, Vol. 44, No. 4, pp. 507-53

  5. Learning the optimal buffer-stock consumption rule of Carroll, with M. Yildizoglu, M-A. Sénégas & M. Zumpe,  Macroeconomic Dynamics, 2014, Vol. 18, No. 4, pp. 727-752.

  6. Ciblage de l’inflation, Transparence et Anticipations –une revue de la littérature récenteRevue d’Economie Politique, 2013/5, Vol. 123, pp. 697-736.

  7.  Inflation Targeting in a Learning Economy: an ABM Perspective, with M. Yildizoglu & M-A. Sénégas,  Economic Modelling, 2013, 34, pp.114-128. 


Working papers  (associated codes, if applicable, below)

  1. Monetary and Fiscal Policy Design at the Zero Lower Bound: evidence from the lab, with C. Hommes & D. Massaro, 2015.

  2. Learning to Believe in Simple Equilibria in a Complex OLG Economy - evidence from the lab, with J. Arifovic & C. Hommes, 2015.

  3. How transparent should a Central Bank be ? an ABM assessment, with M. Yildizoglu & M-A. Sénégas, 2013, November, (R & R), working paper here, code of the model below.

  4. Modeling Social Learning in a Decentralized Production Economy,  with M. Zumpe, M. YILDIZOGLU & Prof. M-.A. SENEGAS, previous version here, code of the model below. 

Here you can find information about Jamel (Java Agent-based Macro-Economic Laboratory) that I am currently developing with Dr. P. Seppecher (University of Paris-North and University of Nice-Sophia Antipolis, France). This is a macro-economic agent-based model with heterogeneous households, heterogeneous firms and a banking sector. It provides a fully decentralized and stock-flow consistent framework for the analysis of economic dynamics. 


External collaborator of the Research Department of the International Labour Office (ILO), Geneva, CH and the International Training Center, Turin, Italy. The ILO is a UN- specialized agency focused on work-related issues. Their Research Department works, inter alia, on inequality, instability and employment, and takes a broad macroeconomic view on unemployment, beyond issues specific to labour markets. 

My main missions: I participate in a yearly training week in macroeconomics for ILO staff. I also worked on a DSGE models with dual labour markets to analyse the interactions of formal and informal sectors on macroeconomic dynamics and policies.


  • Salle, I., Sénégas, M-A., & Yıldızoğlu, M. (2018). How transparent about its inflation target should a central bank be? An agent-based model assessment. Journal of Evolutionary Economics. DOI: 10.1007/s00191-018-0558-4 
  • Hommes, C., Massaro, D., & Salle, I. (Accepted/In press). MONETARY AND FISCAL POLICY DESIGN AT THE ZERO LOWER BOUND: EVIDENCE FROM THE LAB. Economic Inquiry. DOI: 10.1111/ecin.12741 


  • Salle, I., Yildizoglu, M., Zumpe, M., & Sénégas, M-A. (2017). Coordination through social learning in a general equilibrium model. Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 141, 64-82. DOI: 10.1016/j.jebo.2017.05.020  [details] 




  • Salle, I., & Yıldızoğlu, M. (2014). Efficient sampling and meta-modeling in computational economic models. Computational Economics, 44(4), 507-536. DOI: 10.1007/s10614-013-9406-7  [details] 
  • Yıldızoğlu, M., Sénégas, M. A., Salle, I., & Zumpe, M. (2014). Learning the optimal buffer-stock consumption rule of Carroll. Macroeconomic Dynamics, 18(4), 727-752. DOI: 10.1017/S1365100512000582  [details] 


  • Salle, I. (2013). Ciblage de l’inflation, transparence et anticipations - une revue de la littérature récente. Revue d’Economie Politique, 123(5), 697-736. DOI: 10.3917/redp.235.0697  [details] 
  • Salle, I., Yıldızoğlu, M., & Sénégas, M. A. (2013). Inflation targeting in a learning economy: An ABM perspective. Economic Modelling, 34, 114-128. DOI: 10.1016/j.econmod.2013.01.031  [details] 


  • Arifovic, J., Hommes, C. H., & Salle, I. L. (2016). Learning to believe in simple equilibria in a complex OLG economy - evidence from the lab. In CeNDEF Working Paper 16-06


  • Hommes, C., Massaro, D., & Salle, I. (2015). Monetary and fiscal policy design at the zero lower nound - Evidence from the Lab. (CeNDEF working paper; No. 15-11). Amsterdam: CeNDEF, University of Amsterdam. [details] 


  • Salle, I., & Seppecher, P. (2013). Social Learning about Consumption. (GREDEG Working Papers Series; No. 2013-18). University of Nice. [details] 
  • Salle, I., Sénégas, M. A., & Yıldızoğlu, M. (2013). How Transparent About its Inflation Target Should a Central Bank be? An Agent-Based Model Assessment. (GREThA Working paper; No. 2013-24). University of Bordeaux. [details] 
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