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'Cross-Country Differences in Homeownership Rates: A Cultural Phenomenon?'

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Start date 22 March 2018
End date 14 March 2018
Time 13:00
Roeterseilandcampus - building E


Cross-country differences in homeownership rates are large and very persistent over time, ranging between 44% in Switzerland to 83% in Spain. In this project, we test the hypothesis that cultural tastes drive these cross-country differences. To isolate the effect of cultural preferences towards homeownership from the impact of institutions and economic factors, we investigate the homeownership attitudes of second-generation immigrants in the United States during 1994 to 2017. We find robust evidence that cross-country differences in cultural preferences towards homeownership are an important explanatory factor for the observed persistent differences in homeownership rates across countries (joint with Tobias Schmidt)

Please contact Eva Levelt  if you have any questions about the lecture.


Room E5.22

Roeterseilandcampus - building E

Roetersstraat 11
1018 WB Amsterdam