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Results: 41 - 60 of 122
Results: 41 - 60 of 122
  • First TI Dutch Network Economics Day
    26 Sep 2018
    The first Tinbergen Institute (TI) Dutch Network Economics Day will take place on Wednesday 17 October at the Tinbergen Institute in Amsterdam.
  • ACRM research Laeven
    Roger Laeven reappointed as Academic Advisor to EIOPA
    4 Sep 2018
    Prof. Roger Laeven has been reappointed by the European Insurance and Occupational Pensions Authority (EIOPA) to a second mandate as Academic Member of the Insurance and Reinsurance Stakeholder Group (IRSG) advisory ...
  • Workshop: ‘Experimental and Behavioral Analyses in Macroeconomics and Finance’
    21 Aug 2018
    The BEAM-ABEE workshop on behavioural economics and laboratory experiments will take place on Friday 24 and Saturday 25 August. Anyone interested in attending is cordially invited to attend one or more workshop sessions.
  • CREED PhD candidate wins Gregory Chow Best Paper Award
    3 Jul 2018
    CREED PhD candidate Junze Sun has won the Gregory Chow Best Paper Award at the 2018 Chinese Economists Society (CES) conference in Hefei, China for his paper ‘A Theory on Media Bias and Elections’ (joint with ASE ...
  • ASE onderzoek
    Only crises can trigger pension reforms
    15 Jun 2018
    Governments tend to postpone major interventions in pension systems. They are only prepared to adopt structural reforms when a major crisis occurs. UvA economists have come to this conclusion on the basis of a ...
  • Cars Hommes
    Central banks will need to refine their crisis models
    15 Jun 2018
    Current equilibrium models fail to predict business cycles correctly, claims University of Amsterdam professor Cars Hommes. Non-linear models incorporating human behaviour are the future.
  • Jan Engelmann
    ASE professor speaks at Riga Stratcom Dialogue 2018
    12 Jun 2018
    Associate professor of Neuroeconomics Jan Engelmann's (Amsterdam School of Economics) presentation ‘Overconfidence in social media: Evidence from Neuroeconomics’ examines the role played by emotions and technical ...
  • Bessensap 2018
    Sander Onderstal and Anouar El Haji at Bessensap 2018
    6 Jun 2018
    Sander Onderstal (ASE Microeconomics section) and former doctoral candidate Anouar El Haji will present their research into auctions as a marketing instrument during one of the sessions at Bessensap 2018.
  • Horizon 2020
    Horizon 2020 funding for Sander Onderstal and Joep Sonnemans
    18 Apr 2018
    CREED researchers Sander Onderstal and Joep Sonnemans have been awarded an EU Horizon 2020 grant for ‘Improving Sustainability in Food Processing using Moderate Electric Fields for Process Intensification and Smart ...
  • Economics and Business alumni
    ASE NEXT! event a great success
    28 Feb 2018
    The 3rd edition of the ASE NEXT! event for Amsterdam School of Economics students and alumni was held on Friday 16 February.
  • Frank 't Hart
    Laws on financial products are ineffective
    23 Feb 2018
    The laws on financial products have serious flaws and financial markets supervisor AFM has too much autonomy in imposing its own rules and requirements. Lawmakers have to make a clear choice, says lawyer Frank ’t ...
  • Natalie Speet
    Specific limits on deducting companies’ interest expenses works better
    23 Feb 2018
    International companies are in a position to turn rules on deduction of interest expenses into a means to avoid paying taxes. Authorities use a range of instruments to fight this type of tax avoidance. Natalie Speet, ...
  • Michel Vellekoop
    Data Science helps insurance company to manage risks
    23 Feb 2018
    Insurers like to know the risk they are exposed to. The Amsterdam School of Data Science and insurance company Vivat use big data analytics to calculate these risks. Professor Michel Vellekoop is interested in the ...
  • Florian Siegers recieves the Joop Hartog Prize
    Two candidates win 2017 Joop Hartog Thesis Award
    23 Jan 2018
    For the first time, the Joop Hartog Thesis Award has been awarded to two winners. Both winners of the 2017 edition are former Amsterdam School of Economics (ASE) PhD students. The jury decided that both candidates, ...
  • EU flag
    European Fiscal Board presents its first Annual Report
    22 Nov 2017
    The Report was presented to the College of Commissioners of the European Commission on 14 November and is scheduled for presentation to the EU Ministers of Economics and Finance and the ECON Committee of the European ...
  • Martijn Droes
    Econometric test breaks down exorbitant price development in Amsterdam housing market
    18 Oct 2017
    House prices in Amsterdam rose 46% between March 2015 and 2017, research by UvA economist Martijn Dröes and others shows. A new analysis tool gives insight into the different constituents of this price development. ...
  • Business Economics
    The academic world needs to bridge the gap between fundamental research and society
    18 Oct 2017
    UvA Professor Maarten Pieter Schinkel advocates in-depth and socially relevant economic research but expresses concerns that universities provide less and less room for it. His own research is putting the banking ...
  • Joël van der Weele
    Behavioural economist to use grant for further research into selective attention and economic decisions
    17 Oct 2017
    Behavioural economist Joël van der Weele tries to unravel the interplay between psychological stimuli and economic decision-making. Having obtained a Vidi research grant, he will now zoom in on the role of 'wilful ...
  • Cars Hommes
    Cars Hommes receives Wim Duisenberg Research Fellowship
    28 Aug 2017
    Amsterdam School of Economics (ASE) professor Cars Hommes (Quantitative Economics Section) has received the Wim Duisenberg Research Fellowship from the European Central Bank (ECB).
  • ACRM research Laeven
    Roger Laeven editor of Insurance: Mathematics and Economics
    22 Aug 2017
    Roger Laeven has been appointed as Editor of the academic journal 'Insurance: Mathematics and Economics'.