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Cara Ebert (MSc Economics) and Joep Lustenhouwer (MSc Econometrics) were awarded the H.K. Nieuwenhuis thesis award on Thursday 25 June during the ceremony in the Amstel Hotel. Ebert was unable to attend and received the good news via Skype.

The award was presented by jury chairman Marc Salomon.
Cara Ebert won the award for her thesis ‘Nature or Nurture: evidence from Indonesia’. Her thesis supervisor was Erik Plug. Joep Lustenhouwer (MSc Econometrics) won the award for his thesis ‘Inflation Targeting under Heterogeneous Expectations’. Joep’s thesis supervisor was Cars Hommes.

According to their jury report the two winning theses had the highest ranking with regard to the relevancy of the research outcome as well as the innovative nature of the research question.
An honourable mention went to the three other finalists Jordi Borst (Business Administration), Samir Bel Mouhand (Business Administration) and Duco van Rossem (Econometrics).

De jury members for the H.K. Nieuwenhuis thesis award 2014 were Marc Salomon, Arnoud Boot, Willemijn van Dolen, Cees Diks and Peter Boswijk.

About the  H.K. Nieuwenhuis thesis award

The H.K. Nieuwenhuis thesis award is named after Herman Karel Nieuwenhuis who was the first cum laude graduate in Economics at the University of Amsterdam in 1929. This thesis award aims to stimulate academic study in the field of economics and business. Each year a prize of €2.250,- will be handed out to the winner of the H.K. Nieuwenhuis thesis award. In there are multiple winners, the prize is shared.