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For the first time, the Joop Hartog Thesis Award has been awarded to two winners. Both winners of the 2017 edition are former Amsterdam School of Economics (ASE) PhD students. The jury decided that both candidates, Nadine Ketel and Florian Sniekers, were equally deserving of the award.

Florian Sniekers (L) receives his award from Prof. Frank Kleibergen; Nadine Ketel was unable to attend the ceremony

The winners were announced during the New Year's reception on 18 January. In addition to the award, each winner also received a cheque for €1,250.
Nadine is currently a postdoc at the University of Gothenborg while Florian is an assistant professor at Utrecht University.

The winning theses

In her PhD thesis Empirical Studies in Labor and Education Economics, Nadine analysed the long run payoffs for Dutch medical students of gaining admission through the admissions lottery. Her doctoral supervisors were Prof. H. Oosterbeek, and Prof. B. van der Klaauw (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam).

Florian's thesis On the Functioning of Markets with Frictions analysed the decision households face when they want to move to another house. His doctoral supervisors were  Prof. J. Tuinstra, and Prof. P.A. Gautier (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam).

The members of the jury for this edition of the Joop Hartog Thesis Award were Massimo Giuliodori, Frank Kleibergen and Erik Plug.