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Read about the latest news at CeNDEF as well as other current research and news at the Amsterdam School of Economics.

Results: 1 - 20 of 122
Results: 1 - 20 of 122
  • UvA EB organises Econometric Game 2021
    8 Apr 2021
    UvA EB’s Association of Actuarial Sciences and Econometrics students (VSAE) has organised the 2021 Econometric Game. During this competition, 30 international teams will take on the challenge of case that revolves ...
  • Interview with Roel Beetsma in French publication l'Opinion
    7 Apr 2021
    Roel Beetsma was interviewed earlier this month on the subject of reforming the European growth and stability pact after an economic crisis. The interview was published on the website of the French newspaper ...
  • Maarten Pieter Schinkel presents ‘Green Cartel’ research at the European Commission
    10 Feb 2021
    ASE professor Maarten Pieter Schinkel presented his research on ‘Green Cartels’, conducted with Leonard Treuren, at a European Commission (EC) conference on 4 February. The event was organised to explore how ...
  • EBE student Yeewah Chong wins Covid Behavioural Challenge
    3 Feb 2021
    Third-year Economics and Business Economics (EBE) student Yeewah Chong, working together with her cousin David Teng, has won the Covid Behavioural Challenge. The competition was organised to collect the best ideas to ...
  • Apply now for an EPOC fellowship
    29 Jan 2021
    CeNDEF is a partner in the new Marie Skłodowska-Curie Innovative Training Network 'Economic Policy in Complex Environments' (EPOC). The EPOC programme will host 15 PhD students for 3 years starting in September 2021, ...
  • CeNDEF researchers published in CEPR journal
    29 Jan 2021
    Center for Nonlinear Dynamics in Economics and Finance (CeNDEF) researchers recently had a paper published in the Centre for Economic Policy Research (CEPR) journal on the topic of COVID-19 as a driver of change in ...
  • 6 EB researchers listed in economist top 40
    6 Jan 2021
    The 2020 economist top 40 (Economentop 40) ranking lists the top 40 economists in the Netherlands. The ranking is published annually by Economisch Statistische Berichten (ESB).
  • Will the pandemic lead to an education gap?
    6 Jan 2021
    Giuseppe Sorrenti (Assistant Professor of Microeconomics at Amsterdam School of Economics) recently co-authored a working paper on the impact of school closures on children due to COVID-19 measures.
  • Sweder van Wijnbergen awarded Pierson Medal 2020
    17 Dec 2020
    Professor Sweder van Wijnbergen (1951) was awarded the Pierson Medal on 16 December. The medal was presented by Klaas Knot, chairman of the board of the Pierson Fund and president of De Nederlandsche Bank. The ...
  • Conference on Algorithmic Collusion: working mechanisms
    2 Dec 2020
    Timo Klein (ASE) and Maarten Pieter Schinkel (ACLE) have organised a conference on algorithmic collusion mechanisms taking place on 14 December 2020 (14:00-18:00) in the UvA’s Hybrid Learning Theatre. Algorithmic ...
  • ASE researcher discusses novel collusion issues in PhD defense ceremony
    7 Oct 2020
    Timo Klein (ASE, Microeconomics section) recently defended his dissertation during the conferral of his doctorate on 2 October 2020.
  • Growth in Dutch life expectancy falls short of projections
    16 Sep 2020
    Dutch life expectancy projections have been revised downwards as a result of the Royal Dutch Actuarial Association (AG) Mortality Research Committee’s new prognosis.
  • Roel Beetsma co-authors paper exploring popular support for EU financial aid
    29 Jul 2020
    Roel Beetsma (MN Professor of Pension Economics, ASE) recently co-authored a paper published by the Centre for Economic Policy Research (CEPR). The paper is based on a survey exploring whether there is popular ...
  • Schinkel criticizes new guidelines for sustainability and cartels
    14 Jul 2020
    ASE professor Maarten Pieter Schinkel's commentary on the new Guidelines for Sustainability Agreements issued by the Netherlands Authority for Consumers & Markets (ACM) was recently featured in a number of prominent ...
  • Retirees’ (60+) pension benefits insufficiently protected against interest rate fluctuations
    9 Jun 2020
    There is more interest risk than is desirable in theory when it comes to the current pension contracts of particpants aged 60 or older. This is one of the assertions of researchers Roel Mehlkopf (Tilburg University) ...
  • Article published in Journal of Banking & Finance
    13 Mar 2020
    The article 'Sectoral Risk Weights and Macroprudential Policy' by Steffi Huber (CeNDEF, UvA) will be published in the Journal of Banking & Finance. Huber co-authored the article with Alexander Hodbod (European ...
  • CeNDEF welcomes Fabian Greimel
    13 Mar 2020
    The Amsterdam School of Economics (ASE) successfully filled the vacancy for a tenure track position in 'Financial Stability' during the 2019 European Job Market.
  • In memoriam: Gerrit Meester (1944-2020)
    11 Mar 2020
    Gerrit Meester passed away on 27 February as a result of a serious fall suffered at home two days earlier. Gerrit Meester was a professor by special appointment at our faculty until he was accorded emeritus status in ...
  • ASE professor awarded Vici grant
    25 Feb 2020
    The Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) has awarded a Vici grant worth 1.5 million euros to Roger Laeven, professor of Quantitative Economics at the University of Amsterdam. The grant will enable ...
  • ASE alumnus wins H.K. Nieuwenhuis Thesis Award 2019
    12 Feb 2020
    Luca Mossink was awarded with the H.K. Nieuwenhuis Thesis Award 2019 during ASE NEXT! 2020 for his dissertation ‘Judge Behaviour in a Poetry Competition: humans vs artificial intelligence’. The award also included a ...