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MSc in Economics alumnus Agata Makowska (graduated in 2017) and her colleagues at the London Economics consultancy have won the IPPR Economics Prize. The IPPR Economics Prize is one of the biggest cash prizes in world economics and has been launched to find ‘radical ideas’ to reinvigorate the British economy.

Decentralising Britain

Two radical plans for a step-change in the quantity and quality of UK economic growth are joint winners of the inaugural IPPR Economics Prize, with their authors dividing £100,000 between them. One of the winners is Makowska’s team with the proposal Decentralising Britain: the ‘big push’ towards inclusive prosperity.

The judges stated that ‘the authors believe a new model is needed to unlock a step change in UK growth - one that includes ‘left behind’ communities and promotes the fundamental idea that decisions are best made by those directly affected by them.’

About IPPR Economics Prize

The IPPR Economics Prize is one of the biggest prizes in international economics. It was launched against a backdrop of deep public distrust in politicians to revitalise the UK economy. With this prize, the Institute for Public Policy Research hopes to encourage creative ideas to continue the conversation. This year’s prize question was: ‘What would be your radical plan to force a step-change in the quality and quantity of the UK’s economic growth.’