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CeNDEF working papers 2020

Bao, T., Hommes, C. and Pei, J.
Expectation Formation in Finance and Macroeconomics: A Review of New Experimental Evidence
CeNDEF Working paper 20-06 University of Amsterdam

Hodbod, A., Huber, S. and Vasilev, K.
Sectoral Risk-Weights and Macroprudential Policy
CeNDEF Working paper 20-05 University of Amsterdam

Gasteiger, E. and Grimaud, A.
Price setting frequency and the Phillips curve
CeNDEF Working paper 20-04 University of Amsterdam

Leij, M. van der and Petryle, V.
Building a new export network: the case of Lithuania
CeNDEF Working paper 20-03 University of Amsterdam

Anufriev, M., Chernulich, A., and Tuinstra, J.
Asset price volatility and investment horizons: An experimental investigation
CeNDEF Working paper 20-02 University of Amsterdam

Li, H., Diks, C. and Panchenko V.
Predicting Intraday Return Patterns based on Overnight Returns for the US Stock Market
CeNDEF Working paper 20-01 University of Amsterdam