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Working papers 2007

Ramer, R., 
Coalition Formation and Value Distribution in TU Games
CeNDEF Working paper 07-16 University of Amsterdam

Ramer, R.,
Timing in Canonical Models of Duopoly
CeNDEF Working paper 07-15 University of Amsterdam

Anufriev, M.,Panchenko, V.,
Asset Prices, Traders' Behavior, and Market Design
CeNDEF Working paper 07-14 University of Amsterdam

Assenza, T.,Delli Gatti, D.,Gallegati, M.,
Heterogeneity and Aggregation in a Financial Accelerator Model
CeNDEF Working paper 07-13 University of Amsterdam

Furth, D.,
Anything goes with heterogeneous, but not with homogeneous oligopoly
CeNDEF Working paper 07-12 University of Amsterdam

Bekiros, S.,Diks, C.G.H.,
The Relationship between Crude Oil Spot and Futures Prices: Cointegration, Linear and Nonlinear Causality
CeNDEF Working paper 07-11 University of Amsterdam

Anufriev, M.,Dindo, P.D.E.,
Wealth-driven Selection in a Financial Market with Heterogeneous Agents
CeNDEF Working paper 07-10 University of Amsterdam

Heijnen, P.,
The diffusion of differentiated waste disposal taxes in the Netherlands
CeNDEF Working paper 07-09 University of Amsterdam

Bekiros, S.,Diks, C.G.H.,
The Nonlinear Dynamic Relationship of Exchange Rates: Parametric and Nonparametric Causality testing
CeNDEF Working paper 07-08 University of Amsterdam

Hommes, C.H.,
Complexity, Evolution and Learning: a simple story of heterogeneous expectations and some empirical and experimental validation
CeNDEF Working paper 07-07 University of Amsterdam

Anufriev, M.,Hommes, C.H.,
Evolution of Market Heuristics
CeNDEF Working paper 07-06 University of Amsterdam

Assenza, T.,
Borrowing Constraints, Multiple Equilibria and Monetary Policy
CeNDEF Working paper 07-05 University of Amsterdam

Agliari, A.,Assenza, T.,Delli Gatti, D.,Santoro, E.,
"Credit Cycles" in an OLG Economy with Money and Bequest
CeNDEF Working paper 07-04 University of Amsterdam

Heijnen, P.,
On the probability of breakdown in participation games
CeNDEF Working paper 07-03 University of Amsterdam

Heijnen, P.,
Informative advertising by an environmental group
CeNDEF Working paper 07-02 University of Amsterdam

Hommes, C.H.,
Bounded Rationality and Learning in Complex Markets
CeNDEF Working paper 07-01 University of Amsterdam