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Hommes, C.H., 
Reflexivity, Expectations Feedback and Almost Self-fulfilling Equilibria: Economic Theory, Empirical Evidence and Laboratory Experiments
CeNDEF Working paper 13-19 University of Amsterdam

Hommes, C.H.,Zeppini, P.,
Innovate or Imitate? Behavioural Technological Change
CeNDEF Working paper 13-18 University of Amsterdam

Hommes, C.H.,
Behaviorally Rational Expectations and Almost Self-Fulfilling Equilibria
CeNDEF Working paper 13-17 University of Amsterdam

Diks, C.G.H.,Kugiumtzis, D.,Kyrtsou, K.,Papana, A.,
Partial Symbolic Transfer Entropy
CeNDEF Working paper 13-16 University of Amsterdam

Diks, C.G.H.,Wolski, M.,
Nonlinear Granger Causality: Guidelines for Multivariate Analysis
CeNDEF Working paper 13-15 University of Amsterdam

Wolski, M.,
Exploring Nonlinearities in Financial Systemic Risk
CeNDEF Working paper 13-14 University of Amsterdam

Kopányi, D.,
Price-Quantity Competition under Strategic Uncertainty
CeNDEF Working paper 13-13 University of Amsterdam

Sniekers, F.J.T.,
Endogenous Beveridge cycles and the volatility of unemployment (revised in WP 14-11) 
CeNDEF Working paper 13-12 University of Amsterdam

Zeppini, P.,
A Discrete Choice Model of Transitions to Sustainable Technologies
CeNDEF Working paper 13-11 University of Amsterdam

Negriu, A.,
Financial architecture and industrial technology: A co-evolutionary model
CeNDEF Working paper 13-10 University of Amsterdam

De Zeeuw, A.,Ochea, M.I.,
Evolution of Reciprocity in Asymmetric International Environmental Negotiations
CeNDEF Working paper 13-09 University of Amsterdam

Wagener, F.O.O.,
Economics of environmental regime shifts
CeNDEF Working paper 13-08 University of Amsterdam

Wagener, F.O.O.,
Expectations in Experiments
CeNDEF Working paper 13-07 University of Amsterdam

Assenza, T.,Delli Gatti, D.,
An Intertemporal Greenwald-Stiglitz
CeNDEF Working paper 13-06 University of Amsterdam

Hinloopen, J.,Smrkolj, G.,Wagener, F.O.O.,
In Defense of Trusts: R&D Cooperation in Global Perspective
CeNDEF Working paper 13-05 University of Amsterdam

Anufriev, M.,Bao, T.,Tuinstra, J.,
Fund Choice Behavior and Estimation of Switching Models: An Experiment
CeNDEF Working paper 13-04 University of Amsterdam

Dockner, E.J.,Wagener, F.O.O.,
Markov–Perfect Nash Equilibria in Models With a Single Capital Stock (Revised version, March 2013)
CeNDEF Working paper 13-03 University of Amsterdam

Linde, J.,Sonnemans, J.,Tuinstra, J.,
Strategies and Evolution in the Minority Game: A Multi- Round Strategy Experiment
CeNDEF Working paper 13-02 University of Amsterdam

Anufriev, M.,Tuinstra, J.,
The impact of short-selling constraints on financial market stability in a heterogeneous agents model
CeNDEF Working paper 13-01 University of Amsterdam