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Wang, J.
Can a stochastic cusp catastrophe model explain housing market crashes?
CeNDEF Working paper 15-12 University of Amsterdam

Hommes, C.H., Massaro, D., Salle, I.
Monetary and Fiscal Policy Design at the Zero Lower Bound - Evidence from the Lab
CeNDEF Working paper 15-11 University of Amsterdam

Bao, T., Hommes, C.H.
When Speculators Meet Constructors: Positive and Negative Feedback in Experimental Housing Markets
CeNDEF Working paper 15-10 University of Amsterdam

Anufriev, M., Bao, T., Tuinstra, J.
Microfoundations for Switching Behavior in Heterogeneous Agent Models: An Experiment
CeNDEF Working paper 15-09 University of Amsterdam

Makarewicz, T.A.
Networks of Heterogeneous Expectations in an Asset Pricing Market
CeNDEF Working paper 15-08 University of Amsterdam

Anufriev, M., Hommes, C.H., Makarewicz, T.A.
Simple Forecasting Heuristics that Make us Smart: Evidence from Different Market Experiments
CeNDEF Working paper 15-07 University of Amsterdam

Negriu, A.
Equilibrium Type of Competition with Horizontal Product Innovation
CeNDEF Working paper 15-06 University of Amsterdam

Agliari, A., Hommes, C.H., Pecora, N.
Path Dependent Coordination of Expectations in Asset Pricing Experiments: a Behavioral Explanation
CeNDEF Working paper 15-05 University of Amsterdam

Diks, C.G.H., Hommes, C.H., Wang, J.    
Critical Slowing Down as Early Warning Signals for  Financial Crises?
CeNDEF Working paper 15-04 University of Amsterdam

Hommes, C.H., Lustenhouwer, J.  
Inflation Targeting and Liquidity Traps under Endogenous Credibility
CeNDEF Working paper 15-03 University of Amsterdam

Bao, T., Ding, L.  
Non-Recourse Mortgage and Housing Price Boom, Bust, and Rebound
CeNDEF Working paper 15-02 University of Amsterdam 

Hommes, C.H.,Makarewicz, T.A., Massaro, D., Smits, T. 
Genetic Algorithm Learning in a New Keynesian Macroeconomic Setup 
CeNDEF Working paper 15-01 University of Amsterdam